Avatar soars among the great

By: Connor Mulhern

Eagle Post Staff

     Director James Cameron’s new epic film Avatar is a colorful, beautiful, and heroic film piece that serves on par with Cameron’s other films.

    The film stars blossoming actor Sam Worthington as Corporal Jake Sully, a wheelchair-bound marine. Sully lands on the foreign planet of Pandora as part of the ‘Avatar’ program, a new scientific endeavor that allows human minds to control the bodies of genetically created clones of the native species, known as the Na’vi. The Na’vi on an exploratory mission eventually captures Sully’s Avatar. At first the Na’vi people are adverse and hostile towards Sully, but he later earns their friendship and trust by learning their ways, tradition, and religion, all of which revolve around nature. However, problems ensue when Sully’s loyalties become twisted betwixt the Na’vi people and his human sponsors.

    The film is without a doubt the most colorful and vivid I have ever seen. The picture was absolutely spectacular, like a flamboyant Frank Miller film.

    The film ran as an extended metaphor to compare the human invasion of Pandora to, say, the American invasion of Native American lands, or any other assault that one race has pushed upon another indigenous people. The film also raised questions about the ethics of destroying the environment.

    I thought the film was significantly interesting. The culture of the Na’vi people was fascinating to learn about and creatively constructed.

    The soundtrack, too, was creative. It consisted in large part of flute-like instruments playing original tribal songs, a very interesting film technique employed by Cameron.

    The battle scenes, as well, were no less than of epic proportions. The special effects still stand, as some of the best I have seen in my film-viewing career, and the flying scenes were realistic enough that they made me quite sick to my stomach. This film is not for the weak-stomached.

    For a beautiful picture, a strong message, and badass battle scenes, I give James’s Cameron’s new film Avatar four and a half stars out of five. 


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