Grade point does not reflect learning

By Garth Levers

Eagle Post Editor

Grading Awards at Monona Grove are hard to come by. A student that receives a 3.0-3.49 GPA receives one “point” in the point scale that determines awards. The lowest award anyone can receive requires 6 points. In order to receive two points, a student must receive a 3.5-3.74 GPA. Finally, three points requires a 3.75-4.0 GPA.

There are, however, factors that can keep students from obtaining points based on one’s GPA. If a student has received two documented violations of the Academic Honesty policy, you can never be awarded points while at MG. Also, if a student were to receive the grade of F in a semester, one will not be awarded points for that semester or for any class.

“I think that it doesn’t represent me as a student to receive an award for how I’ve done in a class,” said senior Kyle Kornetzke. “I think that it is possible to learn a lot in a class, but not receive a good grade. Just learning what I learned in the class is rewarding enough for me.”

Another type of award based on grades is scholarships. Scholarships can be obtained in a variety of ways and from a variety of groups.

Monona Grove awards money for scholarships; however, they are solely based on grades. This means that the students in the top 10% receive the most money.

Other scholarships are maintained from colleges, which are awarded based on many things. Certainly a high GPA, involvement to clubs, and activities helps get more money.

“For certain scholarships, clubs and other activities are positively looked at,” said Ms. Alexander, a guidance counselor at MG.


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