Cheating’s many forms make treatment ineffective

By Gabrielle Komprood

Eagle Post staff

     Cheating in schools has been an issue for a while now and there is no clear solution to the problem. Administrators and staff have tried to solve the issue by banning iPods and cell phones, but students still find ways to cheat.

     The school board needs address this problem and create a system that encourages students not to cheat and not to let others cheat. It is a very difficult issue because there is no way to ensure that students do not cheat other than testing students in separate rooms, which is very unrealistic in the MG setting and still allows some students the opportunity to cheat. Cheating causes students to not learn as much as they need to, and it also takes away from the students who are actually doing the work. Students who put in the effort and do the work themselves are not rewarded and have no incentive to do their own work. If students who cheat do not get punished, students may conclude that it is okay to do so.

     According to USA Today, about 64% of students have cheated on a test. According to a survey in 2004, 80% of students say that cheating is common and 78% admitted that they have cheated, 67% of students have copied another person’s homework, 40% have cheated on a test or quiz, and 25% have used plot summaries, such as to avoid reading a book. Clearly, cheating has become a serious problem, one that should be addressed.

     Some may argue that cheating is harmless, but it hurts the students who work hard in school and don’t cheat, and it will hurt the people who cheat later on in their lives. Students who do the work do not receive the credit that they deserve for being honest. Also, students who cheat will be lost when they get to college because they will not have the knowledge that is needed and they will not know how to do the work themselves.

     Some effective solutions that have been used are: printing multiple versions of tests and moving desks farther apart. These solutions have helped the problem; however, there will need to be more assertive action taken in order to stop it.

     Cheating is a serious problem and people need to be more aware of how many people do it so that a solution can be put into place. Students should cover their papers and be aware of what people around them are doing. If someone asks for help, he or she needs to be sure to help them and instead of just giving the answers. Schools need to take action and make sure that students do not get credit that they do not deserve. 


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