Stubborn students don’t give thumbs a break

Text messaging interferes with learning

By Danielle Olivas

Eagle Post Staff

     At Monona Grove High School many students will pull out their cell phones and start texting during class. The administration has tried to enforce rules to prevent the use of cell phones, but students continue to disrespect teachers.

     Teachers think it is rude and students can miss important information. If students are not listening then how will they do well in class?

     “It’s rude to teachers and when you’re in class it’s time to listen,” Senior Abby Graf said. Graf thinks it is okay to text during study hall because it is not a formal class where a teacher is teaching. When kids text during class it can be distracting for other students and therefore this disrupts their learning. Many teachers are frustrated when students think that they can hide the action of texting. Students and teachers agree it is annoying when someone’s ring tone goes off or if someone’s phone starts to vibrate.

     Monona Grove staff enforce the rule “See it, hear it, take it” as a solution. If students consistently use their cell phones Principal, Mr. Brost, might take them. Sometimes the administration calls parents to pick up cell phones. The doors by the ticket booth are where students may use their cell phones.

     Technology creates friction between administration and students. When students use their cell phones during class it can annoy teachers because they see it as disrespect.  It annoys students because they do not want their property taken away from them.


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