Effects of loss of Homecoming felt in fall formal court voting

 By Ali Vandelune/Eagle Post staff

After canceling homecoming three years ago, MG students are starting to see the effects. The fall formal took place on November 13th. The fall formal has been held to take the place of the homecoming dance for MG students. Although there is still a dance, there are no events leading up to the Saturday event.

“The buildup of homecoming activities is what causes the hub around the dance,” senior Jake Farwell said. “Many students say they aren’t as excited about attending a dance that seems less significant than the tradition of homecoming.” Homecoming dances usually attracted at least 400 or 450 where as this year the fall formal attendance was closer to 300.

“A lot less seniors and juniors seem to attend the fall formal,” said senior class adviser Jason Roth. Fall formal queen Rachel Wanta agreed.

“Less people show up because its not called homecoming.” Wanta said. The build up of homecoming week gets students excited about the dance and a lot of people want to go, so the fact that homecoming has been taken away makes MG students not want to attend.”

One tradition that has still carried on from homecoming is having a court. Six boys and six girls are chosen from the senior class. This year only 26 people voted, something that would seem miniscule to the votes that would have been cast for homecoming court.

“I only know of two or three lunch tables that voted for court,” Wanta said. I think that creating more excitement around voting would make people more motivated.”

The canceling of homecoming was very controversial in the Monona and Cottage Grove communities. The district said the decision was made after years of problems. There were claims made of kids targeting other kids and reoccurring vandalism. Some parents describe the vandalism as “just kids being kids” while other parents agree with canceling of the annual event.

“Homecoming continues to be a negative experience in school and in the community and my recommendation is to consider discontinuing homecoming,” Brost wrote in a report to the Herald Independent three years ago. It is possible that MG will never have a traditional homecoming again.

Canceling homecoming has caused other problems at Monona Grove. Homecoming was one of the class officers’ biggest fundraisers. With fewer tickets being sold for the fall formal, it seems that canceling homecoming has had a significant effect on the money that is fundraised for each class. Roth agreed that yes, canceling homecoming has affected funds for each class.

The future of homecoming is unknown, but it is clear that canceling the event has not only impacted the community, but it has directly affected the students. With less money being fundraised, the current classes aren’t able to partake in as many activities such as buying shirts and making floats. Clearly problems exist that need to be addressed if homecoming is going to be reintroduced.

“I hope that future MG students get to experience homecoming, even though we didn’t. Monona Grove has a lot of school spirit and it would be cool to let that show again,” said junior Mackenzie Boerst. 



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