A Day to Remember releases new album

By Dylan Contois/Eagle Post staff 

A Day To Remember strikes all extremes with their fourth album What Separates Me From You. The five-piece band from Ocala, Florida who brought us “For Those Who Have Heart” and “Homesick” have installed a fourth addition to their self made genre “Popcore” mixing harmonious melodies with brutal face bashing breakdowns.

 “Fans can expect something that they’re familiar with our music but this album we have been able to do a lot more with our sound considering we weren’t recording in the back of a bus this time,” Josh Woodard, bass player of A Day To Remember said in an instant message interview. The album has a concept differently from their last.

“Our last album was about us being homesick from being out on the road pretty much,” Woodard said. “This time it’s about the repercussions we have had from being in the band; but we wouldn’t have it any other way. The album cover is a guy in an hour glass looking at people walking across the street looking at what separates him from everyone else.”

Woodard talks about the “dream team,” the group of people who were selected to take part in “What Separates Me From You.” Most notably, Chad Gilbert, producer of previous album Homesick returns for a second time.

“Chad was great, he was happy about not having so many creative restrictions that we had in our last album.” Woodard said. “We tried hard to get as many people that would benefit this album as much as possible.”

The band has gone far in their careers for making the music that they love, and the music fans love to hear. Just a couple years after the band became serious they were on tours that played over more than 200 shows a year. This hard work and dedication created the band’s fan-base and cemented themselves in the hardcore music scene.

“We try and stay as busy as possible. Touring with this album is going to be a blast as we are going to have dates in the all over in the U.S. as well as Europe,” Woodard said. The future looks very bright for the punk band that once were playing just local shows in Ocala.

            The album is a great departure from 2009’s “Homesick” giving listeners what they love about the band along with extra things that make the album its own sound. The breakdowns are heavier, the screams are louder and the choruses are catchier than ever like in the songs “Sticks & Bricks,” “Second Sucks,” and “You be Tails, I’ll be Sonic.”

            “I always enjoy how A Day To Remember stays true to who they are no matter how big they get or what influence may want them to change their style,” Monona Grove senior Justin Terry, an avid fan of the band, said.

“The constant balance of light and heavy influenced styles makes every album worth having,” Terry said. “And they didn’t stray from that one bit.” “I’d like to see them in a tour with Asking Alexandria and August Burns Red, that would be a crazy awesome show.”


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