New Call of Duty does not disappoint

By Ryan Townsend/Eagle Post staff

The most anticipated game of the year finally came out November 9, Call of Duty: Black Ops.

“Over 2 million copies were pre ordered at the Gamestop stores around the country as a whole,” said Eric Townsend, and employee at Downtown Gamestop and a videogame expert. “This happened most likely because Infinity Ward cannot make anymore Call of Duty games because of the lawsuit against them.”

Townsend stated that videogame enthusiasts bought more than 7 million copies on the first day of release, 5.6 million in the U.S. and 1.4 million in the U.K. This beat the previous Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2, by 2.5 million copies, securing the spot of best-selling game of all time.

 “The fact that this sold so well is because players wanted to get away from Modern Warfare 2 because of all the hacking to make players ‘fly’ and phase through walls,” Townsend said. Black Ops has around the same elements as Modern Warfare 2, so the players getting away will be like them never leaving, but they will not see and hackers.

            The Black Ops multi-player is probably the best thing about the game. The multiplayer has new features as well as old ones. The biggest thing is the currency system and the new wager matches, where players gamble their money against other players. Some other the new added features are the split-screen multi-player and the theater mode.

            “I like theater mode, you have the ability to make some cool montages,” said Mr. Duss, an English teacher at Monona Grove who has played Call of Duty for a long time.

            Also there is an addition of character, gun, and emblem customization in the game. players are able to put face paint on their avatar, make their own emblem to show off on their playercard, and even engrave that emblem and their clan tag on their gun.  Also now players can do a new maneuver called the “dolphin dive.”

            Some returning elements are the clan tags, some of the guns, and the fact that shotguns are primary classes. Duss said that he does not like the change of the shotgun back to a primary.

            Also the kill streaks return. One new thing that is a bit of an original element is the pro perks. Some pro perks are the same but some are different, like the Hardline pro perk is the ability to change the care package killstreak once.

            “One perk that I really miss is Stopping Power,” said Duss. “Without it, I don’t feel like my gun does enough damage.”

The multi-player is much more balanced than all the previous Call of Duty’s because of all the changes, but it does have its downfalls. There are still some things that Treyarch, the development company for this game, needs to work on in Black Ops. 

            “The spawn system is a mess right now,” said Duss. “The fact that you spawn next to the enemy is dumb and annoying, because there is a chance you could die right away.“

Another return to the game is the Nazi Zombies. There are many returns to the zombies game mode but also new elements. The power system is back that was in the original zombie downloadable content for Treyarch’s Call of Duty: World at War. Also returning from World at War are some of the characters.

            “When I heard that World at War characters were returning I was excited,” said Parker Wells, a new junior student to the Monona Grove District who is an expert on the zombies’ mode.  “I love Dempsey. Nikolai is my second favorite, I can deal with Takeo, but Richthofen needs to die. “

             There is also a new addition after a player beats the game where players fight zombies in the Pentagon and fight as President JFK, President Nixon, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara and Cuban Presidente Fidel Castro.

            The last thing that I left out was the Campaign. The story line starts with players awakened to being interrogated by an unknown person, and players have to play through memories of the Vietnam War to figure out why you are being interrogated. 

            “I like this Campaign, it seems to have different elements then the others,” said Randy Williams, a Monona Grove junior student that has experience in the new Campaign and also the others. “The hidden Intel gives something to look for while going through and killing people. Also I like how your character doesn’t seem to die in this one, like the previous games. Also there is a little twist at the end that will make you go ‘Really?’”

Townsend stated that Treyarch is in a controversy with Cuba because in the first couple of Campaign missions players play and execute a plan to assassinate Cuba’s former President, Fidel Castro. Even though players end up killing his double, the Cuban government is still mad that Treyarch put the fact America wanted the former Presidante of Cuba dead, but they were just following history.

Based on all these elements in the Multiplayer, Zombies and Campaign, I give this game a 9 out of 10.


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