Drumline Live full of energy

 By Abby Taylor/Eagle Post staff

    Cymbals crashing, lights flashing, girls dancing, horns blaring… “Drumline Live” was full of excessive and overwhelming effects that left me begging for more drums. Probably because with the exception of a few numbers, the November show was not centered around the Historically Black College and University (HBCU) drumlines, but more on the flashy and over-the-top presentation of every number.

    “If you don’t want to party then you should go home,” the band members exclaimed, capturing the spirit of the evening perfectly.

     The constant pulse of energy throughout the show was contagious. Audience members were invited to stand up, clap, dance, and sing along. At points, Overture Hall felt like more of a dance party than a theater, which made me think the performance could have been better in a different venue. However, by the end, I was struggling to maintain the energy I had at the start, because I was feeling bogged down by the constant noise.

    There were impersonators of classic soul singers featuring Diana Ross and the Supremes, Tina Turner, The Temptations, Aretha Franklin, and Ray Charles. They saluted the King of Pop with a Michael Jackson medley. Overture Hall turned into a sanctuary ringing with the raw vocals that come with gospel music, followed by drummers rolling onto the stage wearing “healies” and playing some street beats. “Drumline Live” did not neglect any type of big band music.

    But overall, the show was more distracting than driven. The girl dancers, dressed in revealing outfits, were full of energy, but did not dance together and couldn’t seem to stand still. The lighting made me look away from the stage at parts because it was just too much to look at. The constant bombardment of “show busy” effects made the experience overwhelming, and made it nearly impossible to focus on the athleticism and skill the band members had to offer.

    The moments that captivated me were those that focused on the traditional drumline itself: the intricate tricks with the drum sticks, the high-energy marching, the exciting drum major. The parts that focused on the band and not all of the “pizazz” saved the show.

    “Drumline Live” is not the show to see if you are looking for a cultural or life-altering experience, but it was a night of pure fun and energy.


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