Donate to struggling families through the MG Giving Tree

By Bailey Lottes/ Eagle Post staff

This holiday season many people look forward to all the presents under their tree. Those who are less fortunate may not have anything waiting there, unless you decided to donate an item to the Monona Grove High School Giving Tree that is located right outside the main office until Friday December 9.

The tree provides gifts for family’s right in our very own school district who are struggling this holiday season. If you donate to the giving tree, you could brighten the holiday season of someone who sits next to you every day in first period. The items on the cards range from larger gifts like an iPod to the small necessity of a package of underwear or socks. There are also cards for purchasing gift cards from grocery stores.

As Ms. Ziegelmaier’s AP Psychology classes learned that a little pocket change can add up to something extraordinary. There was a similar giving turkey which collected gifts before Thanksgiving break. Ms. Ziegelmaier made it a competition between all four of her classes to see which group could come up with the most money. Over a few class periods, she passed around a tube that students filled with their donations. In the end, her four classes alone raised $185 and were able to purchase items like cleaning supplies and gift cards to help multiple families in our district.

The AP Psychology classes proved that spare change goes a long way. Next time you are considering throwing your change on your car floor or drop it on the ground, pick it up and realize that you could make a difference in someone’s holiday or even his or her life, if you just take the time to donate. So grab some friends and snag one of the remaining tags from the Giving Tree to help check something off someone’s Christmas list, you can drop the gifts off in Ms. Baxter’s room, room 186.


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