Green Day is back with the first of three albums, Uno

By Donovan Killgallon/Eagle Post staff
Earlier this month, international act Green Day released their ninth studio album, title Uno. As many Green Day fans know, Uno is the first of three albums the rock group will be releasing in the next six months.
Talking to fellow MG students, I have heard mixed reviews of Uno. Expectations were high for the 2012 album, as it had to follow up their hit album 21st Century Breakdown, but some feel as if Uno is nowhere near as big as their past albums.
On the other hand, some believe that this is the best record the trio has released. Personally, I enjoyed Uno. Of course, it’s not anywhere close to American Idiot or 21st Century Breakdown, but it has a great sound, and it is now viewed as a party album.
Hesitant fans must remember: this is the first of three albums they are releasing in the near future. Personal highlights of the album include “Stay the Night,” “Kill the DJ” and “Sweet 16.”
Green Day is to go on tour in a few weeks despite front man Billie Joe Armstrong’s recent meltdown at the iheartradio Music Festival, and they are set to perform at Madison’s own Alliant Energy Center in early February. Tickets are on sale now through, starting at just over $50. Green Day is back, and ready to party.


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