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Lake! Camera! Action! MG students weigh in on Oscars

MG Oscar Trivia – Day 1 What movies are Oscar-worthy?

MG Oscar Trivia – Day 2 What are your favorite Oscar winners in the last 10 years?

MG Oscar Trivia – Day 3 Which Film should win?

MG Oscar Trivia – Day 4 Do you watch the Oscars?

MG Oscar Trivia – Day 5 Should the public have a say in Oscar voting?


Lake! Camera! Action! debuts with story about Gravity

Check out the Eagle Post’s latest entertainment video series about feature films! Lake, Camera, Action! In the first story, reporter Austin Coppernoll shares expert opinion related to the film Gravity.

Tattoos becoming part of turning 18

By Mallory Stearns/ Eagle Post staff

One thing that newly 18-year-olds look forward to is getting a tattoo. Tattoos are for some a rite of passage, a meaningful remembrance, or a taste of freedom for new young adults.

Wynn Diels, senior, has a butterfly tattoo on her shoulder. She got the tattoo in remembrance of her aunt who passed away. Butterflies were her favorite insect and she wanted to keep the presence close. In Wynn’s case, only one of her friends has a tattoo and she also says that she plans on possibly building onto her current tattoo in the future.

The big question is: are parents okay with their children getting tattoos? Diels’s mother was unaware of her tattoo until a month after. Continue reading ‘Tattoos becoming part of turning 18’

Show choir students create video for Glee Contest

Monona Grove’s Show Choir students entered a video in the Glee Giveaway – which will award 73 show choirs nationwide varying amounts of a $1 million total gift in prize money to support music education. Students who participate in show choir at MG performed and submitted the following video:

Zweifel a triple threat for MG

By Logan Twing/ Eagle Post staff

As senior Zach Zweifel traveled home on a Monday in early November he could do  nothing but feel empty. Empty because this was the first day he could go home after school in three months.

Continue reading ‘Zweifel a triple threat for MG’

Students show cultural holiday traditions

By Veronnica Thompson

Eagle Post  Staff

The renowned holiday of Christmas is celebrated in many parts of the world and is molded to fit each country’s specific culture. America emphasizes Santa, carolers meander South African coasts, Belsnicklers roam the provinces of Canada, and so on. The phenomenon of this holiday takes on many forms and evokes a plethora of emotions, depending on the region.

Continue reading ‘Students show cultural holiday traditions’

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