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Lake! Camera! Action! explores the the necessity of 3D

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Lake! Camera! Action! MG students weigh in on Oscars

MG Oscar Trivia – Day 1 What movies are Oscar-worthy?

MG Oscar Trivia – Day 2 What are your favorite Oscar winners in the last 10 years?

MG Oscar Trivia – Day 3 Which Film should win?

MG Oscar Trivia – Day 4 Do you watch the Oscars?

MG Oscar Trivia – Day 5 Should the public have a say in Oscar voting?

Green Day is back with the first of three albums, Uno

By Donovan Killgallon/Eagle Post staff
Earlier this month, international act Green Day released their ninth studio album, title Uno. As many Green Day fans know, Uno is the first of three albums the rock group will be releasing in the next six months.
Talking to fellow MG students, I have heard mixed reviews of Uno. Expectations were high for the 2012 album, as it had to follow up their hit album 21st Century Breakdown, but some feel as if Uno is nowhere near as big as their past albums.
On the other hand, some believe that this is the best record the trio has released. Personally, I enjoyed Uno. Of course, it’s not anywhere close to American Idiot or 21st Century Breakdown, but it has a great sound, and it is now viewed as a party album.
Hesitant fans must remember: this is the first of three albums they are releasing in the near future. Personal highlights of the album include “Stay the Night,” “Kill the DJ” and “Sweet 16.”
Green Day is to go on tour in a few weeks despite front man Billie Joe Armstrong’s recent meltdown at the iheartradio Music Festival, and they are set to perform at Madison’s own Alliant Energy Center in early February. Tickets are on sale now through, starting at just over $50. Green Day is back, and ready to party.

Scorsese uses 3D in creating Hugo

By Scout Livesey/Eagle Post staff

In a world where 3D movies have become nothing more than an exaggerated push of objects toward an audience as an excuse to create extra revenue and to give the director a false sense of accomplishment for producing a movie in “3D”, director Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo” is a fresh and invigorating take on the progressive art of 3D film making.

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The Help: Film does not live up to the novel

  By Everett Mulroe/ Eagle Post staff

Novelist Kathryn Stockett captivates readers as she tells the story of a group of   women from another time in her best-selling novel The Help.  Director Tate Taylor falls short in his attempt to do the same in his 2011 movie version.

The Help is a historical novel that follows a group of women through their lives in 1962 Mississippi. The story features the struggles these women face both among each other and against the politics and public attitude of the time. The story explores the relationships of women of different financial status, backgrounds, and race in an important setting in America’s history.

Where the novel is educational and intriguing, the movie is accessible. The novel is not a difficult read, but a bit of a commitment with more than 400 pages. Stockett uses these pages to develop the plot, characters, and setting of the story making it touching, inspirational, and interesting. While the movie reaches a much greater audience, it loses some of that magic.

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Drumline Live full of energy

 By Abby Taylor/Eagle Post staff

    Cymbals crashing, lights flashing, girls dancing, horns blaring… “Drumline Live” was full of excessive and overwhelming effects that left me begging for more drums. Probably because with the exception of a few numbers, the November show was not centered around the Historically Black College and University (HBCU) drumlines, but more on the flashy and over-the-top presentation of every number.

    “If you don’t want to party then you should go home,” the band members exclaimed, capturing the spirit of the evening perfectly.

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A Day to Remember releases new album

By Dylan Contois/Eagle Post staff 

A Day To Remember strikes all extremes with their fourth album What Separates Me From You. The five-piece band from Ocala, Florida who brought us “For Those Who Have Heart” and “Homesick” have installed a fourth addition to their self made genre “Popcore” mixing harmonious melodies with brutal face bashing breakdowns.

 “Fans can expect something that they’re familiar with our music but this album we have been able to do a lot more with our sound considering we weren’t recording in the back of a bus this time,” Josh Woodard, bass player of A Day To Remember said in an instant message interview. The album has a concept differently from their last.

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