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Coltan causes death in the Congo

By: Veronnica Thompson

 Eagle Post Staff

     The Democratic Republic of Congo, located in Western Africa, experienced the world’s deadliest war since World War II, which began in 1998 and ended in 2003. During the five-year period, 5.4 million people died because of disagreements pertaining to the ownership of the region’s immense natural resources.

    Unfortunately, the conclusion of the war was a colloquial verbal agreement. The countries involved, DRC, Rwanda, Uganda, Chad, Sudan, Libya, and many other undisclosed countries, signed a treaty to end all conflict and unify the Congo; however, 1,000 people die everyday. Women are still being raped, and children are still being exploited every day because of coltan. Continue reading ‘Coltan causes death in the Congo’


New Ugandan law means death for homosexuals

 By Connor Mulhern

Eagle Post staff

     The African nation of Uganda recently passed a law that punishes homosexual acts with life in prison, and in some cases, death. This anti-gay legislation is supported by the Ugandan parliament as well as president Yoweri Museveni.

            As if the simple fact that this legislation exists isn’t enough to make eyes grow wide with horror, it may further disturb one to know that the laws have links to American fundamentalist preachers, such as Richard Cohen, who claims to have ‘counseled thousands of gays to turns straight,’ and Paul Cameron, a pastor who has published large amounts of anti-gay legislature. A Ugandan minister who helped write the bill has close ties to the famed influential evangelical preacher Rick Warren, who so far, has refused to condemn the bill. The bill also bans public discussion of homosexuality, barring AIDS groups from entering the country.

Continue reading ‘New Ugandan law means death for homosexuals’

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